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New York State Canal

Tolls and fees for recreational vessels on the New York State Canal System have been waived through 2021.

That Guy launch ramp etiquette

Don't Be...
That Guy?

Launch ramp etiquette

Prevent the spread of aquatic invasives. Boats, trailers, waders and other fishing and boating equipment can spread aquatic invasive species from waterbody to waterbody unless properly cleaned, dried or disinfected after use.

Although some invasive species such as water milfoil are readily visible to the human eye, many others are too small to be readily noticed. To avoid spreading invasive species please follow the guidelines at the link below.

Prevent aquatic invasive species

We have the newest New York State Boaters Guide. Stop in TODAY to Knapik's Marine for your free copy.To download a pdf file copy click below.

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New York State boaters guide

Model Year Look Up For
Evinrude & Johnson Outboards
And Mercruiser Stern Drives

In order to identify your model year on any Evinrude, Johnson products or Mercruiser stern drives, use the link provided below.

Model Year Information


Evinrude Johnson Parts Lookup

We can help you with genuine parts for your Evinrude or Johnson product at competitive pricing. Call us at 518-842-8140

Parts Lookup

Evinrude Johnson  Parts Lookup

Department of Motor Vehicles
You Can Renew Your
Boat And Trailer Registrations Online!

Click Here To Renew

Dog life jackets
Consider investing in a life jacket for your dog. They are extremely affordable and provide your dog safety in the water and also provide a “security blanket” effect while on the boat. You may think your dog is a strong swimmer, but depending on the conditions they could face problems. If you need to pull your dog out of the water, you need something to grab onto and most dog life jackets have a handle so you can lift them out of the water and into the boat.

We recommend bringing your dog in for a fitting to check the jacket on your dog before purchasing it and checking to see where straps and buckles fall to make sure it is comfortable for them. Make sure your pet's life jacket fits correctly and is a bright color for maximum visibility. It's also a good idea to give your dog the opportunity to practice swimming in the life jacket before taking them out on the boat. We carry a good selection of dog life jackets and our store is a pet friendly facility.

Ron Knapik
Should I Wax The Bottom Of My Boat?

This question is debated all over the internet. In my opinion waxing the bottom of the boat does more for self satisfaction than good. With the friction of water plus what contaminants are contained, wax, if it did do any good, would not stay on long enough to be effective.

I can tell you information that was shared to me by a professional race boat driver. You should never wax the bottom of a boat. The reason is the wax does not allow the water to stick to the bottom surface and therefore only creates more friction during forward motion.

Here is how it works. When the bottom of a boat is either painted or left unwaxed the water is allowed to stick to the surface or "wet the surface".. Since water is now attached to the bottom surface, the water actually acts as slippery medium between the moving boat and the water that is basically standing still. According to what he said, water against water creates a lot less friction, compared to water against wax.

It is more important if you trailer your boat, to keep the bottom clean from road grime by washing with a good boat soap or Dawn. If you leave your boat in all season, bottom paint is a good idea, or a wipe on anti-fouling bottom coat that is some times referred to as bottom wax.

I have an inflatable tow tube. How do I tell if I have it properly inflated?

I have a Express Cruiser, what is the proper procedure to use dock side power?

My boat trailer has surge brakes and when I tried to un-hook the trailer from my tow vehicle, I could not get the trailer coupler to release from the hitch ball. What can I do?

My boat has a properly installed dual battery system with isolator and selector switch. How do I use it properly?

My engine has been running fine, but now when I turn my key to start, the engine cranks over fine, but will not start. What could be the reason?

I need parts for my boat engine. What information will I need to get the right parts?

I would like to purchase a new outboard motor for my boat. How do I find out what shaft length I need?

I bought the largest fluke style anchor I could find and I'm still having problems getting it to hold my boat at anchor. Why am I having a problem anchoring my 20 ft boat?

If you have a question for our FAQ's, click the email link below and send it in.

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Knapiks Marine Boaters Advantage
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Boat fuel phase separation

Great information about E-10 fuel, boating and fuel additives.

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Here is a short video so you can see what goes into propping out a boat with the correct pitch propeller.

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DockSide Customer Gallery

Take your dog boating today. Here are some great tips and advice to review before you start.

Take Bowser Boating Tips

Dogs on boats

wear your life jacket

Lifejackets Save Lives!

Today’s life jackets may not be what you think – many are lightweight, easy to move in, and come in many sizes, styles, and shapes for every person and every sport. There are even ones for pets!

It is important to wear a life jacket at all times while boating. It takes just a few minutes to check your PFD's now, to make sure they are ready if you need them. Check out the PFD tips at the link below, for tips on checking your life jackets.


PFD Tips

Boating at its best.

Make your boat cruising plans easier at the I Love New York, and NY Canal web sites. Loaded with planning, travel, and facility information.

Here are some tips of courtesy to follow at marinas you may frequent during your boating excursions.

Marina Manners

Garbage in the water looks bad, and can cause problems for wildlife that mistake it for food and eat it. It is illegal to put any garbage into the water from a vessel that is on a lake, river, or stream. We urge all boaters to stash your trash and to dispose of it properly.

Be sure to Stash Your Trash!

Bif Fish fishing site

BigFish is the fishing site for you. State by state fishing information, forums, tips, videos and more.If you love to fish, then you need to check out this site for the latest information.

Big Fish

NY Trailering Laws

Maximum Speed Limit: 65
Maximum Dimensions for trailer:45'L x 8'6"W x 13'6"H
Minimum Weight requiring Separate Trailer Brakes:3,000
Safety Chains required
License Light required
Tiedowns required
Insurance not required but recommended
Wide Trailer Permit call 518-457-1155


Boat Registration & Titles

New York State requires that your boat be registered if it meets certain requirements. For information on boat registrations and titles, use the link below.

NYS Reg & Title Information

Starting Batteries vs. Deep Cycle

Starting batteries and deep cycle batteries may look the same but are very different in construction and recommended use. Use the link below for detailed information.

Starting vs. Deep Cycle

get your fishing license

When you purchase a fishing license, you're helping to protect, preserve and enhance the sport of fishing for today and for generations to come.

License fees help pay for fishery and hatchery management, habitat development and protection, endangered species programs, fishing and conservation education, lake maps and other publications, and many other valuable programs. All anglers 16 years of age and older must have a valid fishing license in their possession while fishing in the state of New York. Fishing licenses are available at most town clerks' offices and many sporting goods stores.

Go to the link below for the latest information and fee's.

License Information and Fees

water skiing squirrel Twiggy

Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel

Twiggy always puts safety first. She never goes on the water without her little squirrel sized life-jacket and she is always sharing the importance of water-safety to all her adoring fans. Click the link below to check out Twiggy in action.

Click here to go to Twiggy's site

Here is a handy chart for determining the required shaft length for both transom and deck mount Minn Kota electric motors.

Minn Kota Shaft Guide

Minn Kota logo

Hey... Learn them knots!

Boating fun just isn't complete without frequent stops for food, beverage and fun. These stops generally require some dock tie up techniques that sometimes present a knotting experience. Here are some tips to make tie up easy and secure.

Mooring Tie Up Tips

The Fishing Equipment & Fishing Tackle Superstore, one of the Northeast's largest fishing tackle retailer and authorized downrigger sales and service center. They carry a huge selection of everything you need to fish.

Time to go fishing

Everything you wanted to know about propellers. Click below for Propeller Basics.

Propeller Basics

everything about propellers

Catch some air!

For those into wakeboarding, we have found a great site with information on this hot watersport.



38 Off!


This is a great site to keep up on all the latest waterski equipment and techniques.

Net Knots

Looking how to tie some great boating knots? Check this site out for knots with illustrations. The link will take you directly to the boating knot page.

Net Knots

Justy-Joe Sport Fishing Charters

Captain Joe Greco, a good friend of ours, offers professional charters on Lake George, and Lake Champlain. You can get all the information about his "Fish Guaranteed" fishing charters at his web site by clicking on the above link.

Captain Joe Greco

Sacandaga Graph

Looking for the latest Sacandaga levels? Go here to see a graph of current lake levels along with past year data. 

Scroll down about half way and just below the small graph click on Year to date Elevation.

Sacandaga Level Graph



Power Squadron

United States Coast Guard

ENCON fishing information

Great Sacandaga Lake Association

Lake George Area

N.Y. Canal System

N.Y. Parks & Recreation

N.Y.S. Police Marine Detail

U.S. Coast Guard Aux.

U.S. Power Squadron

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