Storage Tips

It's a good idea to remove any belongings from the boat that may suffer damage due to freezing temperatures such as beverages, sun tan lotion or any other liquids. If you have electronics that are removable, do it.

Also remove any canvas from the boat and store at home, especially any that contain plastic such at the side curtains and aft curtain.

Use a mildew canister in the boat to help eliminate any mildew formation.

Don't over wrap your boat for the winter. Allow for some air circulation. Shrink warp should also be vented, and make sure that any shrink wrap or covering is not preventing the fuel tanks from properly venting to the atmosphere.

If you have portable tanks, make sure the cap is tight, the vent is closed, the fuel line is disconnected, and that there are no leaks from the tanks or hoses.

Make sure all drain plugs are removed so if there is any water in the bilge of the boat, it can drain. Put the drain plug in a zip bag and attach it to the steering wheel, or tiller handle so you can find it in the spring.

Once the boat is in place, prop up the front of the trailer, so that any water will run to the aft and drain. Be sure to check all built in coolers, compartments and livewells to see that the drains are open and that there is no standing water in them.

Leave wells and compartments open for ventilation just in case any moisture is present.

Lower the outdrive or outboard down as much as clearance allows.

If you remove your battery, make sure you store it in a dry place, indoors, and place a piece of wood underneath it to prevent discharge through the ground. If you leave the battery in the boat for the winter, disconnect it.

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