The sale of ethanol blended fuel, commonly referred to as E10 gas, is here.


Understanding Phase Separation

Ethanol has a great affinity for water, and will attract moisture from the atmosphere through the vented lines of a marine fuel tank. The water molecules form an electro-chemical bond with the ethanol that is stronger than the fuel’s original bond with the ethanol. Water is heavier then gas so the water/ethanol molecule is dragged to the bottom of the tank and separates from the more buoyant fuel molecules. This is referred to as phase separation and occurs when the water content in the fuel reaches roughly .5%. Ethanol provides a significant boost to the octane rating of the fuel, so when phase separation occurs you end up with a corrosive water/ethanol layer on the bottom of the tank, under what is now substandard fuel.

Ethanol draws moisture from the air. Boats have open fuel systems and moisture is drawn into the fuel and can eventually separate in two layers called phase-separation.

Ethanol does not produce as much power when burned which means engines do not perform as well as with non-ethanol based fuels.

Ethanol is a grain alcohol and many common fuel additives have alcohol as one of their primary ingredients. When these additives are poured into the fuel tank you are adding even more moisture drawing alcohol to the system.

Ethanol is not compatible with rubber, cork, nitrile or neoprene components.

StarTron contains NO alcohol at all. Star Tron is a multi-function fuel additive that is specifically formulated to solve the problems caused by ethanol blended fuels.

Star Tron prevents the gum deposits that can clog carburetors and injectors.

Star Tron will also remove any existing gum or carbon buildup by breaking these deposits apart so that they can be burned off with the fuel.

Star Tron significantly enhances the combustibility of fuel so it burns better than untreated fuel.


Improved engine power, performance and fuel economy.

Avoid the formation of carbon deposits.

Engines are more reliable, start easily and run smoothly.

Maintenance is decreased because engine is cleaner.

Star Tron treats the water attracted to ethanol fuel by dispersing it throughout the fuel.

These small particles are then vaporized in the combustion chamber without affecting the performance of the fuel or engine.

Removing water reduces the chances of phase separation.

Star Tron also keeps fuel fresh for a year making it ideal for stored fuel or for use in boats that are placed into long-term seasonal storage.

Star Tron will even improve the octane of old, stale fuel.

Star Tron works in all sizes and types of gas-powered engines.